ELECTRIC EXPRESS - Bee Pee / I Can't Believe We Did (Recurrence)

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(US/Avco-4607/'72 Reissue Orange Rim Purple Label 45) famous for the 75th FUNKY-DISCO Demon Rare Masterpiece "Hear Say I", the miner group "Electric Express" from the mysterious FUNK famous spot North Carolina, the third work from LINCO under the umbrella of Atlantic Inc. in '72, full horn, organ & gaga On the other side, uptempo (with song) FUNKY Bugaroo tone number is also nice 2 cider! Western Northern FUNK world expensive trading, the same year Avco company recurrence of the first Linco company board in '72! (Ex) Beauty! (Old) Price: 2500 yen - Special price: 1250 yen

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