Terms of service

Article 1 (scope, adaptation, change of the Covenant)
1.The current company Timebom Records used on the site is a site where we operate on WEB and operate services centered on mail order.
Two. The use of this site is intended for all people in the environment that can access this site and the environment that can be viewed, but the user who uses the service of the mail order is called the user and the user follows the Covenant.
3.Our current company Timebom Records can change the Covenant without acceptance or notice, and the changes will be adapted and the changes will be valid when the site is viewable.

Article 2 (Our duty to be responsible)
1. There is no responsibility for the transaction contract and its implementation except for the sale of the service, music records, CDs, tapes, and VTRs that our company is doing. We are not responsible for the provision or change of services other than the above, and the users who have generated each service, and the damage and disadvantage of the third party.

Article 3 (User Responsibility Mandate)
1.The user complies with the Covenant and manners and morals. In addition, if the current Covenant and the other companies are determined to be against the rules set by the company, and if the company and each service provider are damaged, they may be charged with damages for the users who have acted.

2.The company is not responsible for any disputes that have occurred between users and third parties.

Article 4 (Agreement of Contracts/Conduct Orders and Shippings)
1) Let us make an e-mail sent from the user through our order form, and the contract for ordering and selling is passed at the time we receive it.
2. When orders for goods are confirmed, change and cancellation of orders shall not be accepted in principle.
3) When the shipment of goods is delayed from our company to the user, we contact the shipment by e-mail when the shipment is completed.

Article 5 (On the Change, Suspension, and Suspension of Services)
1.We can change, suspend, and suspend all services without notifying users.
2) We are not responsible for any disadvantage or damage caused by the change, suspension, and suspension of our services, or the disadvantage or damage of the third party.

Article 6 (Use of our services)
1) If the user's fee occurs, follow the way the service is set, and make the same as if there is a change.