Founded in 1990 in Amerikamura (moved to Yotsubashi / Minamihorie in December 2019). Researching R & R / SOUL / PUNK / POPS sounds from the 1950s to the present day. "R & R's secret base" that handles various rare editions, reproductions, and new LPs / EPs / CDs!

"Onkochishin". Even if it's old music, if you listen to it for the first time, it's a new work for that person. Music can change your life! Music has the power to connect people to people and countries to countries. People all over the world want to have fun and peace through music.

Business hours  12:00-20:00   Open 7 days
Address 1-11-1 Minamihorie, Nishi-ku, Osaka 550-0015 Japan
TEL 06-6538-5079
FAX 06-6538-8879
Seller Time Bomb Records
Manager Kenji Kodama
Secondhand dealer permit
Licensed by Osaka Prefectural Public Security Commission


Take Exit 6 of Yotsubashi Station on the Subway Yotsubashi Line, turn right and head south on Yotsubashi-suji. South corner building at the first intersection.
From Amerikamura, go west from Mitsu (Triangle) Park to Suomachi Dori. The Building at the west corner on Yotsubashisuji intersection beyond the Hanshin Expressway viaduct. The stairs to the basement are on the north side of the building (Suomachi Dori).

* If you come by wheelchair or stroller, you can enter from the commercial elevator, so please call us.



SINCE 1990


Nishishinsaibashi Americamura building
6 tsubo store on the 2nd floor


Store expansion. The next room is 12 tsubo
Launched TIME BOMB label
The night before the arrival of the SUB POP boom. Invited to plan the first performance of MUDHONEY in Japan
Invited to plan the first performance of FUGAZI in Japan
Invited to plan the first performance of MEANIES in Japan


Invited to plan of FREE KITTEN / MOSQUITO / THURSTON MOORE in Japan
Invited to plan of HUGGY BEAR in Japan
Invited to plan of ROCKET FROM THE CRYPT in Japan


Organized FUGAZI 2nd Japan tour

Organized SEBADOH 1nd Japan performance
Moved to the 3rd floor of Topolo Building in America Village
1996 Opened a branch store on the B1F of the same building
Invited to plan FUGAZI 3rd Japan performance(w/Make Up)
2002 Moved to Americamura Sunbowl basement 100 tsubo one floor at the end of November
2003 Website open
2005.9 EVENS, BLIND BEAST (Thurston Moore, Jim O'rourke & Yoshimi) Japan tour and a festival of label related bands in Osaka for our 15th anniversary event.
2008.4.26 The 100 tsubo one floor is divided into PUNK and OLDIES floors and reopened.
2019.12.7 Moving to the current store in Yotsubashi