Established in American village in 1990.
R & amp; R / soul / punk / pops sounds from the 50s to today.
It covers various import rare cases, recurrence and new LP / EP / CD.
Music has power to connect people, people, countries and countries.Music can change your life!
It is new. Old music is new for the first time.
All over the world want to be happy and happy through music

Business hours : 12:00 - 20:00
Address B1F, minamihorie 1-11-1 Sankyo shiotabashi building in Osaka City, 550-0015
1-11-1 Minami Haori, Nishi Ku, osa5050-0015 Japan
Tel : 06-6538-5079
Fax : 06-6538-8879

Seller Bing Web: time bomb
Managing director Kodama Kenji
An old dealer license : 第621111501115
Osaka Prefectural Public Safety Commission : 第957号

Subway yotsuhashi line: exit at yotsuhashi station exit 6 and turn right and south of yotsuhashi. South corner building at the first intersection.
From Mikawa (triangle) park to Suo Machi Dori Street West of the American village. Beyond the Hanshin high speed building, west corner building of yotsuhashi muscle intersection. The stairs to the basement are northern building (Suo Cho Dori Street).
* for those who come by wheelchair or stroller, please call us for a business elevator.

Time bomb
1990 American village
Open a six Tsubo shop on the second floor
1991 Store expansion. In the next room
Time bomb label
Before the pub pop boom
Fugazi's first visit to Japan
Meanies first invited Japan
1993 Free Kitten / mospher / thiston Moore solo
Invitation to Japan
Huggy bear
Click here for the first time
1994 Fugazi invites the second Japan performance
1995 Sebadoh first visit
In the American village
1996 Building a branch on the first floor of the building
Fugazi 3rd project
2002 At the end of November, we moved to 100 Tsubo one floor of American village sambauul.
2003 Home page

In the 15th anniversary event, evens, blended beast (Hurston Moore, Jim O'Rourke & amp; yosettlys) tour and the festival of label related bands in Osaka!

2008.4/26 100 Tsubo one floor
2019.12/7(土) The open store of yotsuhashi