About condition notation

We try to purchase in good condition and display it severely, but please note that it is subjective.

New / Seald As good as new
M Mint
Ex Excellent
VG Very Good
G Good

Jacket(Left side) / Quality(Right side) Example: Ex + /VG
Sleeve  (Left) / Record  (Right)

 Left to Right: Order of better condition.
New / M / M- / Ex ++ / Ex + / Ex / VG ++ / VG + / VG / G 

 Matrix (Dead Wax) Number is after Condition.

About abbreviations

LP record abbreviation (LP Records' Abbreviations)
C.O. Cut Out: Cut-out jacket (*SCO  = A little cut-out)
CS Coating Sleeve: A jacket coated with the smoothness that is common in Western books)
CVR Cover: Jacket
DH Drill hole
GS Gatefold Sleeve: Facing jacket
CFS Coating Flipback Sleeve: CS is back on the back side
CGS Coating Gatefold Sleeve
Inner Inner Sleeve: Inner Sleep
Lbl. Label: Label
PCO Punch Cut Out: Punch cut out
Single board abbreviation (7 "/ EP Records' Abbreviations)
CS Company Sleeve
DH Drill hole
POL Stamp On Label
PS Picture Sleeve: Jacket
SOL Sticker On Labe: Sticker on label
WOL Writing On Label: Graffiti on the label