Privacy policy

Customer information such as purchase history on the TIME BOMB RECORDS website will be managed in an accurate state within the required range according to the purpose of use, and reasonable safety measures will be taken in terms of technology and organization. . In addition, we will not use it for any purpose other than the purpose of use (rental of personal information, etc.) and will protect customer information appropriately. In addition, the personal information manager determined separately shall determine the following and use and provide information.

  • When auditing that our company “Personal Company Time Bomb Records” properly manages and operates customer information.
  • For data derived from user information in marketing surveys, etc., there are cases where the aggregated results are published, but in that case, it will be published as aggregated results (charts etc.) rather than as personally identifiable data.
  • When there is a request for information provided by a legal institution such as an investigation agency. However, it will be from the time when the inquiry inquiry form arrives at our company.