O.S.T.- Salt & Pepper (UK '01 Simply Vinyl Reissue)

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(UK / Simply Vinyl SVLP-360 / '01 Reissue 180 Gram Heavy Weight Vinyl LP + PVC Sleeve / Barcord Sleeve) A soundtrack of 10 songs of the same name in 1967, produced by the great jazz world “John Dunkworth”!

■ Precious UK'01 Yearly Vinyl reissue 180g weight board!
■ Jack with barcode!
■ With PVC sleeve!
■ Rare silver sticker on the PVC table and silver / circular sticker on the back of the PVC!

(New) After removing the sticker on the back, there will be pain, wrinkles, etc., but this product has almost no pain and is not opened.

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