LITTLE TOMMY BROWN - Don't Leave Me (Orig)

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b/w Won't You Forgive Me (US/Groove-0132/'55 Orig.Black Lined Logo Green Label 45)'SR&B Rocker who has been active since the early 50s, Crying R&B/SOUL Song Compi "All Tore Up ... Unrequited Love -1955-68] known for recording, '55 years love broken ballad masterpiece singing while weeping! The founder of "JACKIE & THE STARLITES/Valarie('60)"! The reverse side of the enhancement SAX enters, mid-tempo, Mimelo, New Orleans style R&B is also wonderful! Europe and America R&B / SOUL world expensive trading, precious US original edition! (VG) - Because there are a lot of scratches and noise in the first half of the A surface, bargain (beauty products are more expensive!) )

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