NIRVANA-Smells Like Teen Spirit +2 (UK Ltd.Picture 12 "-EP / Die-Cut CVR)

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c / w "Drain You (LP Version)" "Aneurysm"
(UK / DGC DGCTP -5 /91.Ltd.Picture 3-Track 12 "-EP + PVC / Die-Cut CVR)
Nirvana's 1991 EP led by Kurt Cobain. It is their famous song that was cut from the 2nd album of the same year, and it contains 3 songs including 1 song from the same work and 1 song not included in the album. UK tour dates are listed on the back cover.
■ Precious 91 year UK limited picture board.
■ With PVC sleeve.
■ Single-sided die-cut jacket.
(Ex / Ex +)

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