List of MATCHBOX-independent Rockabilly Rebels (UK Reissue.LP)

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(UK/Music For Pleasure MFP 5627 /79.Reissue.Black Oval Logo Red & Black Label LP) UK Tediboy R & Music For Pleasure, a 79-year 3rd album released by Magnet from the UK Tediboy R & R band Matchbox, Music For Pleasure, reproduced by changing the title and jackets.The song is the same for all 12 songs, including the "Rockabilly Rebel" and the single song "Buzz Buzz A Diddle It", which is the same as the song's name.
Kishige: A UK reopening in 1979.The original is self-title, and is the Magnet MAGL 5031 board.
(Ex/Ex) * It is worn on both jake and jake with a back jake, jake, TOP, and so on.

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