KING KURT-Banana Banana +2 (UK Orig.12 "-EP / Stickered CVR)

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c / w "Bo Diddley Goes East" "Banana Banana (Instrumental)"
(UK / Stiff BUYIT 206 / 84.Orig.White Logo Black Label 3-Track 12 "-EP / Stickered CVR)
1984 12-inch EP of the five-person UK psychobilly band "King Cart". This is the third work of the STIFF era (4th in total), and includes 3 songs with the title song 12-inch limited instrument ver.
■ Precious 84 years UK original board.
■ Jacket with a rare circular advertising sticker on the top left.
■ Unfortunately, the sticker does not have a tattoo sticker.
(Ex / Ex) * There are wrinkles in the jacket.

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