MEAT BEAT MANIFESTO-Subliminal Sandwich (UK-EU Ltd. 2xLP+12 " /Stickered CVR)

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(UK Europe/Play It Again Sam BIAS 302 LPX/96.Ltd. Color Label 2 + 12 ", Inner/Stickered CVR)
A 1996 album by the Break Beats Group, the "Meat Beat Manifesto", which greatly influenced the later club scene.A total of 24 songs, consisting of a traditional energeable style of disc 1, 2 and avant-gardic approach disk 3, with a dark and leaguer's influence, were composed of three sets of disks.
A UK/EU limited set of two cards + 12 " EP in Kimishige.
Two more innoose leeves.
A Jacket with a Rectangular Propaganda sticker on the right hand.
(VG+ + /Ex) * Scrub to back jake, jake TOP, and peel off.

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