PATTI LABELLE & THE BLUE BELLES - Tear After Tear (Orig.Top Logo)

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b/w Go On (THIS IS GODBY) (US/Newtown-5007/'62 Orig.Logo Top Lined Blue Label 45) Firey R&B World Genius Beautiful Voice Diva "Pati Ravel" Led by Miss "Patty Ravel" "BlueBells", Girl Sounds Boom Full Rise of the '62 Second Single, Mid-Tempo Melo Melo Teen No.POP No.1! B side is the best ballad that reminds me of chantels masterpiece "Maiby"! Together is the early soul sound of the R&B transformation period. Regular first Oriji is a side logo board, but here is an orige of a rare initial logo top labe! (VG+/B side rabe small peeling available)

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