DICK JENSEN & THE IMPORTS-You Don't Love Me Anymore (Orig.)

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b/w Mr. Pitiful (US/Loma-2055/'66 Orig.Black Logo Yellow Label 45) Hawaiian SOUL group, '66' last Loma, based on 'Bo Diddel/She's Fine, She's Mine (' 55) 'R & B/POPCORN in' 61 Roma 'song' You The GARAGE of Don't Love Me, the GARAGE of the POP, the Otis Redding of 64 years of Otis Redding, the opposite of the 64 year name of Otis Redding ' GARAGE Nozan Kava, is a nice two-sider! Europe, U.S., Northern world, high-priced trade, rhea, original, US original.
(Ex) In recent years, the rare good condition of the Nice.

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