STEREOLAB - Refried Ectoplasm : Switched On Vol.2 (UK Ltd.Orange Vinyl 2xLP/Stickered Bag)

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(UK/Duophonic D-UHF-D09/95.Ltd.Orange & Green Label Orange Vinyl 2xLP+Insert /Stickered Polythene Bag)
Former McCarthy Tim Gain (G.) A 95-year compilation of Stereo love, a unit that is combined with French man Vo. Leticia Sadiere and others. A compilation that includes unreleased songs from 92-93. Includes 13 songs in two sets, including a co-starring song with Nurse With Wound.
A set of two orange and vinyl limited to the UK in 1995.
With insert.
With a plastic bag with a rare circular advertising sticker attached.
(NEW/New Dead Stock)

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