BUNNY SIGLER - Lovey Dovey-You're So Fine (Shields Logo Promo)

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c/w Sunny Sunday (US/Parkway KP-6000/'67 Promo 2 x Shields Logo White Label 45)feely・Seoul industry stalwart"Bunny・flag" "we, "" us " or "Our", the previous work Shirley&Lee"Let The Good Times Roll" Big hit followed in the same year, and, Clover size/Falcons-dub up the tempo・Northern・arrangement(MIX medley)cover! The B-side Bobby the song"Sunny"a retelling of the cover and also the 2 Service! The original・label the panel design specification promo white label than hard,"shield"logo promo White Label edition. (Ex)in recent years, a rare night・time Edition!

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