BOBBY LEE TRAMMELL - You Mostest Girl ('61 Reissue/Fabor-127)

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b/w Uh Oh (US/Fabor-127/'61 Reissue Silver Logo Black Label 45)'58 masterpiece "Shirley Lee" and the 5678's cava original "Arkansas Twist" also famous, Arkan Known for the recording of "Bobby Lee Tramel" and Bear Family's "That'll Flat Git It #8" and other recordings, the second work in '58, "ELVIS/Teddy Bear" 'ELVIS/Teddy Bear's exalisted upsempo R&R! B-side mid-tempo R&R is also wonderful. '58 The first Radio company board, '61 Fabor relapse, but expensive trading board between Western mania.
(VG+/ There is graffiti on the A surface) nice condition!

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