YVONNE BAKER - My Baby Needs Me (Promo)

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b/w A Woman Needs A Man (US/Modern-1055/68 Promo Red Script Logo White Label 45)'62 blockbuster "Let Me In" famous feeling male and female mixed voice R&B/SOUL group "Sensei's" red one point beautiful voice lead . Yvonne Baker], '68 solo name, known for the English Company "For Dancers Also" and other compilation recordings, chorused, mid-tempo, Mimelo Northern Classic! The melancholy ballad of the reverse side of Kent's "Slow'n'Moody, Black & Bluesy" is also wonderful. Both sides of the novel van McCoy composition! Western Northern world expensive trading, very rare US promo board!
(VG+/Reverse-faced rabe with graffiti)

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