NEIL SEDAKA - Breaking Up Is Hard To-Do (70's Reissue)

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b/w Next Door To An Angel (US/RCA 447-0701/70's Reissue White Logo & Dog Top Black Label 45) American R&R PopS (Neil Sedaka), the 11th biggest hit in the U.S. in '62, chorused, mid-tempo, beautiful, TEEN-POP masterpiece (Japanese: sadness)! The mid-tempo, Mimelo, TEEN-POP masterpiece "Japanese Title: Cute Girl" (the chorus of the intro is the original song of "The Darts / Kemeko no Uta") of the mid-tempo, Mimero TEEN-POP masterpiece of the 62-year blockbuster on the B side, the '70s Gold Standard Series Recurrence US edition of the coupling recording. (Ex / There is dirt rubbing on the double-sided rabe)

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