YOUNG JESSIE - Mary Lou (70's Reissue)

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b/w Don't Think I Will (US/Modern Oldies Series-25/70's Reissue Silver Script Logo Purple Label 45) L.A. Duwap Bancho Cornell Gunter Then, both "Surchin" and "Young Blood" famous for flying other hits in coasters genius R&B prince "Young Jessi", will be Ronnie Hawkins other Cava originals, Local ally Cadets with DooWop chorus, self-made mid-tempo, melancholy melo, POPCORN R&B! The reverse side of the same Cadets participation of mid-tempo R&B is also a nice two cider! It is a valuable '70's regular recurrence board, but expensive trading board between Western maniacs! (VG+/B side there is petit noise in the second half of the second half)

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