JAPAN-Don't Rain On My Parade (UK Orig.7 "+ Black Die-Cut Sleeve)

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b / w "Stateline" (UK / Ariola Hansa AHA 510 / '78 Orig.Color Paper Label Flat Center 7 "+ Black Die-Cut Sleeve)
A cover of the popular song of the 64th musical “Funny Girl”, cut from the 1st album in 1978 by the band “Japan” led by David Sylvian. B-side song is not included in the album
■ Precious 78-year UK original board. Paper label flat center.
■ The UK board with matte soft paper folded black, die-cut, and sleeve does not originally have a jacket.
(Ex / Ex) * There is a thin seal mark on the top of the sleeve and a small graffiti on the back.

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