Japanese YEN's exchange rate is pretty low now for foreign currency.
So it's time to DIG for you.

We specialize in many different genres - R&R/ SOUL / PUNK/ NOISE etc. New and used LP / 7” EP/ CD /etc.

We have been operating since 1990. You can mail-order with confidence - we know what we’re doing. And know how to process, pack and ship your order quickly and efficiently.

International Shipping Information
We accept orders from overseas.
We can ship by ePacket (take 2-3 weeks) or EMS (similar to FedEx or UPS).

Please check International mail service availability chart on Japan Postal Service if delivery is possible to your country.

We accept credit card, Shop Pay, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay.

The total cost will include Japanese tax.

EMS (like FedEx take about 3-7 days)
@1x LP
(Under 700g)
@2 x 7"
(Under 500g)
Oceania, North America, Central America & The Middle East ¥2,360 ¥2,000
Europe ¥2,600 ¥2,200
ePacket (take 2-3 weeks)
@1x LP
(Under 700g)
@2 x 7"
(Under 500g)
Asia ¥1,230 ¥1,050
Oceania, Canada, Central America, Middle East & Europe ¥1,390 ¥1,270
South America & Africa ¥1,900 ¥1,540
North America ¥1,930 ¥1,670

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