JONATHAN RICHMAN (ジョナサン・リッチマン) - Having A Party With Jonathan Richman (US RSD Drops 2021 Ltd.Green Vinyl LP/ New)

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US RSD Drops 2021年限定2500枚Bermuda Seafoam (グリーン)ビニールLP。
(新品 / LP)


Side A: 1. The Girl Stands Up To Me Now 2. Cappuccino Bar 3. My Career As A Homewrecker 4. She Doesn't Laugh At My Jokes 5. When She Kisses Me 6. They're Not Tryin' On The Dance Floor Side B: 1. At Night 2. When I Say Wife 3. 1963 4. Monologue About Bermuda 5. Our Swingin' Pad 6. Just For Fun

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