DEAD BEATS - On Tar Beach (Japan RE LP)

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(Sun/M&M MMLP-1006/93.Reissue Picture Label LP+ Liner, 3 Postcards, Band)
This is the only album by Dead Beats, the visionary British Rockers band, also known as the THE METEORS. A four-person group formed by former members of THE METEORS/TALL BOYS, with a focus on the Red One Point Suzy May (Vo.). "Crazy When I Hear That Beat" and "Swan Lake" cover becomes a club hit, but the band sound source itself is one of the few, so it is a difficult piece to obtain transcendents. Recurrent edition with precious Japanese band (original is the New Rose / ROSE 59 edition of 85 years). 3 postcards & lyrics, with commentary.


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