HARPTONES(HARP-TONES) - My Memories Of You (50's Reissue)

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b/w It Was Just For Laughs (US/Bruce-102/50's Reissue Silver Block Logo Rope Lined Purple Label 45)'53 years ballad song"Sunday Kind Of Love", famous for the genius singer"Willy field"rate or,Harlem, NY, R&B/DooWop group"harp tones" ,'54 year 2 work eyes,the exquisite ballad! The B-side mid tempo DooWop nice! "Nuway"publication, wherein the rope lines into the label of a priceless'50s US recurrence (demon level'54 early times the B-Side song"The Laughs On You"in a straight line into the label)!
(VG++)※in recent years, a rare night・time Edition!

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