ELIJAH & THE EBONIES - Hot Grits! / Sock It To'Em Soul Brother

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(US/Capsoul-31/'74 Green Logo Color Label 45) Beautiful Voice Female SOUL Singer "ANN SEXTON" is also famous for being enrolled in the unknown era, California minor SOUL group "Erieja & Ebonies" It is the last 4 works in '74, in the rework of the third work of the previous work '71 [PureSoul], suspicious SAX is also intense Yaba, mid-tempo DOPE-FUNK to call the song name continuously! B side will be a re-recording of the previous work B surface, the fierce baseline & enhancement horn is also impressive, mid-tempo R&B-FUNK groove is also the best 2 cider! Very Rare US Initial Press Board! (VG++) (Old) Price: 3800 yen - Special price: 1900 yen

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