CREATORS - Yeah, He's Got It / Boy, He's Got It

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The '65 famous tune known as the cover of 45 (US/Philips-40058/'62 Black Block Logo Promo White Label) Manhattan Transfer and dart "The Boy From New York City" (the title in Japanese:) Forerunner DoWop/R&B-SOUL group "creators" of N.Y. man and woman mixed voices R&B pop group "AD LIBS" which is famous for boy) who came from New York, 2 '62 items and entering beating time with hands, mid tempo, the R&B/Hully Gully step dance number that it is! The B-side is in strike version collecting (entering shout). Precious US プロモ board! (VG) (former) price 2,800 yen → special price 1,400 yen

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