SPANIELS - Stormy Weather (70's Reissue)

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b/w Here Is Why I Love You (US/Oldies 45 OL-52/70's Reissue White Logo Red Label 45) Best DooWop Ballad "Goodnite, Sweetheart, Goodnite" and others famous, led by the genius sweet voice lead "Pooky Hudson", Chicago (suburbs) r&B / DooWop heavyweight "Spaniels", '58 SAX Break of the '33 classic POP song known for The Ethel Waters other famous performances is also lovely , Uptempo DooWop Cava! The poor ballad of the opposite side is also the best! The precious '70s US recurrence board.
(Thin scratches on the VG+/A surface do not affect the sound so much)

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