L 7 - Everglade (UK-EU Ltd.Etched 12"-EP/Numbered CVR)

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c/w "Freak Freak" "Scrap"
(UK Europe/92.Slash LASXP 36/92.Ltd.Black & Green Label 3-Track Etched 12"-EP/Numbered CVR)
This is a 92-year EP of L7, a four-woman from L.A., who has been reunited in recent years with Nirvana, Mudhoney, and others. The title song is a cut from the 3rd album of the same year, which became a major debut work, and contains all three songs that recorded one song from the same work and one song that the album was not recorded in the coupling.
A single-sided etching board limited to UK-EU in 1992.
#04441 Jacket with numbering

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