JAPAN - Assemblage (German 80's Reissue LP)

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(German/Hansa 204 067/85.Reissue.Black Label LP)
81 compilation of British nu wave band "Japan" formed led by man of talent David sill Vian. By the contents that it may be said that it is the initial best that recorded only the famous tune which I choose it among a single or the B side music of the Hansa position times, and was able to blunder, it is all entering including famous tune covers of Velvet Underground ten pieces.
■Precious 85 Germany recurrence board. Notation of ラベ is different from the original, and right group notation has notation of BIEN.
There is the thin wound that some noises produce in the small seal trace which is thin in the (Ex/VG) ※ ジャケ top right corner, the disk B side.

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