BEASTIE BOYS-Paul's Boutique (UK 90's Reissue.2xLP)

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(UK / Capital 0777 7 91743 1 7/90's Reissue.Rainbow Logo Black Label + Inner / Garefold C R)
Beastie Boys' 2nd album in 1989, active in the fusion of rock and hip hop. A wide variety of grooves, such as Rofunk and Soul, with a wide range of sampling, including 15 popular songs including “Hey Ladies” and “Shake Your Rump”.
■ Precious' 90s UK reissue. Unlike the original, there is no band logo on the upper right of the jacket, and a barcode is on the upper left of the back jacket.
■ With inner sleeve. A double-sided jacket.
(Ex / Ex) * Slight peeling at the top of the jacket edge.

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