CAROL-20 Golden Hits (Japan Orig.l/Obi Incomplete)

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(Japan/Philips 20Y-3/74.Orig.Blue Label LP)
The first album released in 1974 was released just before the release of CAROL, a legendary legendary band that Nagayoshi Yazawa was in.A total of 20 songs, including the 1st/2nd album, which was released only by a single single, titled "The End of Summer" and "The Theme of the Lock Rock", etc., were released.The R. Stones/Exile On Main-style jake by photographer Norinobu SHINOYAMA is also called kackoyi.
Kishige's original board in Japan.
Unfortunately, there are no zones.
(Ex/VG + +) * There is a slight noise of noise on the disc side of the disc, rubbed in the jackey.

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