VICKI ANDERSON - JAMES BROWN - Baby, Don't You Know (Orig)

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b/w Let It Be Me (US/King-6293/'70 Orig.JB Face & Logo Side Black Top & Orange Label 45)SOUL world great master "James brown" bar John Self cover according to) that I dote, and mid tempo ・( young age is fast (in the J.B'S back) in '70 of FUNK famous tune (KING-6138) in J.B.SOUL review diva "Vickie Anderson" (Bobby Byrd bride), '67! Mid tempo, the FUNKY Northern cover of the sorrow standard music known as the "Betty Everett & Jerry Butler" '64 good acting becoming the costarring product with reverse aspect J.B. is wonderful! Precious US original board! A (VG) beauty product!

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