V.A. -Pay It All Back Vol. 1 (UK/EU Orig.LP/EfA 7450)

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(UK Europe/On-U Sound EfA 7450/85.Orig.White Label LP)
The first round of strong competition in history by Adrian Sherwood Produce of the British DUB and the Adrian Sherwood Produce at On-U Sound was the first one to be reproduced.New Age Steppers, African Head Charge, Singers & Players, Dub Syndicate, Mark Stewart And The Maffia, and all 11 doped graves of the doped groove that have been joined.
A UK/EU original disc in 1985. A version of the 'Made In France' and the number of EFA in the back jake.
(Ex/Ex) * Jake's a little dirty, rubbed, sisis.

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