SAPPHIRES - Who Do You Love? / Golden Classics (US Orig.LP)

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(US/Collectables COL-5007/80's Orig.Color Logo Black Label Mono LP)
Feelingly Soul's Heavyweight Genius Combi "Gamble & Huff" Treasured Mixed Voices (Female Reed Vo.) R&B-SOUL Trio "Sapphires", best edition supervised by Collectable Inc. The best 12 songs from the prestigious Swan to the major ABC Para era, including the 64-year blockbuster "Who Do You Love?", "Gotta Have Your Love", northern masterpieces "Slow Fizz", "Evil One", and others. It is the best beauty melo sound of Dosume even if you like the philless system.
Precious '80's US Original MONO Edition!
(Ex++/Ex++) Nice Condition!

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