DICK JACOBS and His Orch. -Teen Age Beat! (US Promo EP)

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(US/A Repertory Recording-Sasac, Inc. AD-25/ ' 58-Promo Black Round Logo Blue Label 4-Track EP) Bud Holly/Bobby Darling's back performance, "Dick Jacobs," a famous genius in the 55th U.S. movie titled "The Golden Arm," also known as the "Dick Jacobs," Stroll Inst's "Teenage". The 4-song EP, which includes "Boogie" for 58 years.Rock/Come Back Whangs You Are/Teenage Boogie/Snow Train ShuffleKimishige ' 58: US Promo Blue Love EP!
(VG/VG +, scratched on both sides of the jake, repair of stickers, repair of tapes in TOP and back jake, and doodling on the upper right side of the back.)

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