CAROL-Carol First (Japan Reissue LP / FX-6013)

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(Japan / Philips FX-6013 / 75.Reissue.Blue Label LP)
This is the 3rd album that will be the last recording of the legendary band CAROL where Mr. Eikichi Yazawa was enrolled. A work that was given the title “First” because four members worked on the song for the first time. Includes 12 songs including the famous songs “Kamon Baby” and “Hey Mama Rock and Roll”. Philips reflection board.
■ Precious 75-year reissue in Japan. The original is the FX-8095 board in 74 years.
■ Unfortunately there is no obi.
(VG ++ / Ex) * There is a tear of about 5cm at the disc entrance.

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